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Tally sheets are documents that our customers use to add up their orders for submission. The Teacher Tally Sheets can be given to each classroom. After a teacher collects all student order forms, he / she will fill out the tally sheet listing the total number of orders per size at the bottom.

The coordinator will take all the teacher tally sheets and add up the TOTAL number of EACH size listed. Save the form and email it to your sales rep. The totals may also be written in and faxed to the sales rep’s attention. Fax # 478-743-0944.

Tally sheets are also a good guide to go by if you’d prefer to submit your sizes using our online size submission page. This form of order submission may only be used for orders of one design on one color shirt.

You will need to retain your tally sheets in order to compare it to the invoice that your sales rep will email you.

Ask your sales rep for these forms and other information about how to use them.

  • We got our order and everything was there and like it should be. We were all very pleased with the customer support, product we received, and the courtesy of your staff, thank you very much. We hope do more business with you in the future.
    - Tori Jackson from Hugo, Ok