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Your sales representative quoted you the cost per item based on how many products are printed with the same artwork. The more products you sell in your campaign, the better the pricing. Refer to your quotes received from you sales representative when figuring out what you should up-charge your items to make a profit. NOTE: a 15% is taken out of the retail price you sale your items for online. The 15% fee is based on the campaign store pricing, not the bulk pricing quoted to you from your sales representative. Based on experience with past schools, we suggest pricing items at a worst case senior. Often the best estimated cost to up-charge your items is by going by the quotes given to you that represent 50% of what you expect to sell. If you think your school will order 50 of 1 design, base your pricing on ordering just 25 to ensure what you sell to your members will be higher than what your final cost will be from

  • The customer service is amazing. One of your sales representatives took the time to call me and made suggestions to my order that saved me almost $300. I have never had a company try to make less money.
    - Peter P. from San Jose, California